Monochrome Sports Luxe

Monochrome Sports Luxe



Sports Luxe is one of my favourite trends, and if worn in the right way it can look sleek, sophisticated and sexy… it’s also a super cool & comfy travel outfit.

I would say stick to 2 or 3 different colours and keep it simple.. this way you can mix and match easily and you can’t really go wrong. Black & white will always look clean and chic.

Think leggings, leather jackets, simple t’s and vests, low crutch joggers, statement bag, sneakers, knitted dresses, soft fabrics, sunglasses & simple colour palettes.

If you’re looking to wear heels rather than sneakers i would team them with some low-crutch joggers, a simple v-neck t-shirt and a leather jacket.

Check out my polyvore for lots more ‘Sports Luxe’ styling.

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